Programma Schola Cantorum Amsterdam

Van september t/m juni zingt de Schola Cantorum Amsterdam elke zondag om 17.00 uur gregoriaanse vespers in de Amsterdamse Basiliek van de H. Nicolaas, tegenover het Centraal Station. Daarbij wisselen het mannen- en het vrouwenkoor elkaar af: de vrouwen zingen op de eerste en derde zondag van de maand, de mannen zingen op de resterende zondagen. Op belangrijke kerkelijke feestdagen worden ook de metten (nachtgebed) gezongen.

De toegang is gratis, maar uw vrijwillige bijdrage is welkom. Overigens is de collecte bij de uitgang bedoeld voor de Nicolaasbasiliek. Voor bijdragen aan de schola zelf kunt u een van de zangers aanspreken.

Bijzondere uitvoeringen seizoen 2019/2020. 
Tenzij anders vermeld, zijn alle uitvoeringen in de Nicolaasbasiliek.

zondag 1 september 20.15u: de Vesperscyclus wordt hernomen
zondag 6 oktober 11:00u: Mis (Ons Lieve Heer op Solder, Oudezijds Voorburgwal 38, Amsterdam)
vrijdag 1 november 20.00u: Metten van Allerzielen in De Krijtberg, Singel 446, Amsterdam
zondag 15 december 17.00u: Vespers Gaudete: viering van het 12e lustrum van de Schola, met mannen- en vrouwenschola
dinsdag 24 december 17.00u: 1ste Vespers van Kerstmis
woensdag 25 december 17.00u: 2de Vespers van Kerstmis
zondag 29 december 17.00u: Vespers van de H. Familie
zondag 5 januari 20.15u: Metten van Epifanie (Driekoningen)
zondag 9 februari 17.00u: Vespers van Kerkwijding

– er zijn tot nader order geen gregoriaanse vespers en metten in de Nicolaas –

Paaszondag 12 april 07.00u: Metten van Pasen
Paaszondag 12 april 17.00u: Vespers van Pasen, met processie
woensdag 20 mei 21:00u: Metten van Hemelvaart
zaterdag 30 mei 21:00u: Metten van Pinksteren
zondag 28 juni 17.00u: 1e Vespers Petrus en Paulus, laatste Vespers vóór de zomer

zondag 6 september 17.00u: de Vesperscyclus wordt hernomen

In het seizoen 2019/2020 bestaat de Schola 60 jaar. Festiviteiten worden gepland voor in de loop van het jaar.

CD van SCA – de Metten van Pasen!

De jubileum-CD van SCA! Een volledige dienst op CD: de Metten van het Hoogfeest van Pasen! Een schitterende uitgave van SCA. Te bestellen door overmaken van EUR12,50 (dat is incl. verzendkosten) op TRIODOSBANK – rekeningnummer: NL 72 TRIO 0197 9636 17 t.n.v. C.A. van Eekelen, o.v.v. CD. Zorg dat u uw adres ook communiceert. Of stuur een e-mail naar Cor van Eekelen met adres gegevens. Ook beschikbaar in de Nicolaaskerk voor EUR7,50 na de vespers van SCA mannen.

A Unique Recording: Paschal Matins – the Matins of Easter

The SCA is proud to announce the release of a unique recording – the complete Matins for Easter sung by the SCA, a world premiere recording of the night office for the Christian Church’s most important feast day. For information on the CD and how you can order this recording outside the Netherlands please send an email to: Cor van Eekelen. For orders within the Netherlands transfer EUR12,50 (this includes delivery costs) to C.A. van Eekelen, Triodos Bank Account Nr. NL 72 TRIO 0197 9636 17 and include your delivery address in the transfer information. Alternatively, send delivery address info to: Cor van Eekelen.

Fanfare (one of the largest, oldest and most respected classical music magazines) reviewed this CD in August 2010. Here’s what they said:
Wim van Gerven (1929-2008) was the co-founder and conductor of the student choir at the University of Amsterdam from 1959 to 1993. The choir’s role began when the promotion of Gregorian chant in the Latin Mass was normative, but within just a few years the vernacular replaced it almost entirely. His choir continued to sing Latin masses for some years, but found a new role in singing the Office, especially Vespers but occasionally Compline and Matins. Van Gerven is widely known for three LPs that he recorded for the Dutch label Artone; when that label was acquired by CBS, the discs were issued in this country (USA) as a boxed set at a very attractive price, and later were reformatted as two single CDs on Sony.

This disc, made at his last recording session in 1992, has been issued now to mark the 50th anniversary of the schola. This Office harkens back to before the origin of the schola, for Matins at Easter had already vanished in 1956 when the Easter vigil, celebrated at midnight, left no time for it. Celebrating this Office in 1992 served those who want to perpetuate the traditional rite, but since it has never been recorded before, this disc is really a valuable addition to the chant discography. The chants will be found in copies of the Liber Usualis from 1934 to 1952; copies from 1956 to 1962 are more commonly available, but they omit this Office entirely.
The Matins is complete on one disc because it was the shortest feast day Office of the year, one nocturn (three psalms, three readings); Pentecost also had one nocturn, but it had much longer psalms. So we hear the three psalms complete, the three readings with their responsories complete, followed by the usual Te Deum. There are some extras too. In the Liber Usualis, the third lesson has no responsory but is followed directly by the Te Deum (as usual in the secular Office). Here the extra responsory is Angelus Domini locutus, found in the following Sunday’s Office (the chant has now been edited in the recently published Nocturnale Romanum). We also hear the complete Sunday gospel, the doxology Te decet laus, and a seldom-recorded antiphon for Offices of the Blessed Virgin, Regina caeli (the two familiar chants for the end of Compline are different). Finally, the gradual for Easter week, Haec dies, is sung with verses for Sunday and Thursday. So the extras make this an even more interesting release. The excellent singing makes it a strong recommendation. Never recorded before, it is unlikely to be recorded again. Grab it while you can!
(F. Weber)